The #NewEraHatsOff Wall of Shame

Over the years, New Era has talked a good game about how proud they are of being from Buffalo, and how important their Derby factory is to maintain the quality of their product. 

That's why it's even more devastating that they're now closing this factory and eliminating the jobs they once touted. 


CEO Chris Koch Loves Buffalo

“I love Buffalo. I’m a Buffalonian, tried and true. We have 17 offices around the world, but this is home and always will be.”

Remember, These Are Skilled Jobs

'Rusty Hurst, facility manager in Derby, says it’s common for New Era employees to work 30, 35, 40 years. “If we had high turnover, we’d be in trouble,” he says. “This is a skilled trade with a very manual process.”'

In the heart of the recession, and under different leadership, New Era kept the Derby factory open

'“We’re seeing a very jittery landscape,” said Peter Augustine, the president of New Era, which has its headquarters in Buffalo, 20 miles north of the factory here. “People are trying to stick to their most conservative plans. Even Yankee hats are down despite the year they are having.'


“Buffalo’s given us a lot. We owe something to Buffalo. Even more so, I like to think we owe something to all the people who live in Western New York.”